School Organisation

Our Teams & Class Structures

  • Foundation Team – Two classes
  • Lower School: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 – Six classes
  • Upper School: Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 – Six classes

Rivermead Primary School operates through a team approach. Children are in mixed-ability year groups and stay with their teacher for one year before moving up to the next year. The children are taught in their year group.

Each year the children are often regrouped, with the new classes based on the learning needs of the cohort. However, we also appreciate the importance of the emotional and social development of each child. All these factors are considered when they are placed into classes for the following year.

Teachers work together to plan and organise the learning in their year group. However, it is the class teachers who are responsible for the progress and welfare of each child in their class. The learning for the children may be taught in a variety of settings: within a whole class; as a group; a set; or as individuals depending on the task and what they need to learn. Our teachers ensure that the children learn through activities and tasks that are relevant, challenging, purposeful and yet achievable, whilst being suited to every child’s needs and abilities.

School Uniform

We are pleased that our children look very smart in their uniform and we hope you will help us to maintain this high standard. Please click here to find detailed information about our school uniform.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and other electrical items e.g. iPads and game consoles are not allowed in school. If a mobile phone is needed it must be handed into the school office or the class teacher at the beginning and collected at the end of the school day.

Out Of School Hours Clubs

At Rivermead we have two Out of School Clubs to provide good quality childcare for the children in a relaxed setting. Our aim is for all of the children attending to be fully involved in the clubs and enjoy the activities provided. Parents may choose to use either Club on a daily basis, or on specified day(s) every week. A daily charge is made for the Clubs.

  • After-School Club – is open from 3.15pm to 6pm each day during term time.
  • Breakfast Club – is open from 7.45am to 8.45am each morning during term time.

The children at both clubs are provided with a healthy meal, are supervised with learning activities and fun games organised by experienced staff & play workers. For more information about our Out of School Clubs please contact Marie Cryer: 0118 954 0770. Email :