Rivermead Primary School has been at the heart of the Woodley community for 80 years. Our school offers a caring, warm and stimulating environment which enables children to be supported, grow and thrive.

It is our role to provide each child with a range of opportunities and to find the ‘magic’ key that will unlock their full potential, whether it is academic, the arts or sport.

We believe in allowing the children to take risks within a safe environment, receiving the encouragement and support they need to take each new learning step in their Rivermead journey.

We believe every child is different, yet equally important and valued. We offer a knowledge-based curriculum, using an inquiry approach which is enriching, engaging and interesting and enables our pupils to master skills, express their individual talents and develop a love of learning.

We want children to be happy and confident, equipped with the attributes, skills and knowledge that will endure beyond their time at Rivermead.

We have a dedicated, dynamic and enthusiastic teaching and support team. Together we strive to ensure all learners – children and adults – can dream, believe and achieve. Read my full welcome message.

Mr Brian Prebble, Headteacher

Ofsted Report

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